When our teeth lose material or need to be extracted for various reasons, the materials made to repair or replace them are generally called prostheses.

The most important purpose of prostheses is to restore the lost chewing functions of patients as well as to improve their speech and aesthetic appearance.

In this way, the quality of life of patients is improved.


Over the years, teeth can wear down at different rates as a result of eating, chewing, swallowing and sometimes grinding.

In addition, some parts of the teeth may break off as a result of caries and accidents.

In such cases, the lost structures of the teeth are replaced with prostheses called crowns.

As a result of tooth loss, if there are teeth in front of and behind the lost tooth, fixed bridges can be made by supporting them.

However, if, for various reasons, the remaining teeth in the mouth are unable to support the bridge or if there is a lack of multiple teeth, then it may be necessary to resort to removable prostheses / dentures.

If there are no teeth in the mouth, it is treated with full dentures. Of course, treatments can also be completed with implants placed into the bone instead of lost teeth. However, not every patient may meet the appropriate criteria for implants.