My gums are very dark, can it be treated?

Dark gums are usually the result of abnormal melanin deposition in the gums. Smoking, skin color, the presence of old amalgam fillings may be the cause of this coloration.

In order to achieve the pink aesthetics in smile design, it is of great importance to treat dark gums.

In the treatment; dark gums are surgically removed and waited for the body to replace with pink gums.

Today, this treatment can be performed much more successfully using lasers. Without anesthesia, dark gums are removed with a laser and this problem can be eliminated with new tissue formation.

Complete recovery after the procedure varies between 7 to 15 days depending on the technique used.

The success of the treatment is directly proportional to the patient's habits. For example, if the cause of discoloration is smoking and the patient continues to smoke, discoloration may re-appear.

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